From Rock ‘n Roll he rolled into the real estate world. At least, that’s how journalists like to describe his success. In fact, it was his firm foundations and concrete plans that ensured his way to succes in the industry.

His secret? Determination and perseverance. And a creative mindset. The word ‘can’t’ is never an option as far as he’s concerned, if he sets his mind to do something, it will be done. If not one way, then another until at last he always succeeds.

Media Background

Although he had already built a contractor’s company before that time, most people recognise Edwin Jansen from his media era. Together with his partner, he built AT Productions/ AT Bookings from the ground up.

Together with his partner Raymond Rijnaars he built the entertainment company AT Productions. The company provided management for Dutch stars as Anouk, Kane, Within Temptation, Barry Hay and DI-RECT, among others. The company expanded, later adding several more divisions including AT Theater, AT Records and AT bookings.

Real Estate Development in The Netherlands

With his award winning company NU Projectontwikkeling, The Netherlands, Jansen is currently developing ‘the new city, the village of tomorrow’. His activities focus around the metropolitan regions of The Hague and Rotterdam with the development of plans for hundreds of homes. The combination of privately funded development in and investor’s equity has proven to be a particularly successful one. In a short period of time, the company has grown into an important player for stable, affordable, sustainable and sound real estate.