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Ibiza Estates Development, your real estate developer in Ibiza. Combining unique local expertise and proffesionalism in executing complex real estate projects, we adapt a detailed personalised approach to property development in Ibiza. We make it our mission to exceed your expectations.

Ibiza Estates Development is part of Ibiza Estates. This experienced broker with offices in The Netherlands and Ibiza, offers exclusive luxury purchase guidance and after-sales service.

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What We Do

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We believe that real estate development requires quality, clear communication and transparent, fair pricing. We are completely accustomed to these core values ​​in The Netherlands, however this is not always the case when purchasing in Ibiza.

Ibiza Estates Development operates in Ibiza according to Dutch standards. We understand that you are looking for a developer who understands your needs, unburdens you and is able to achieve what you alone or together with other parties might not be able to achieve in Ibiza.

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A distinctivecombination

Ibiza Estates Development comprises a highly experienced entrepreneurial team, with proven real estate development experience and an almost unlimited source of creativity. At the same time, we possess the talent and expertise to ensure our transactions are watertight.

Edwin Jansen, Frank Driessens and François Verhoeven have sourced a highly driven and talented team who are the driving force of Ibiza Estates Development. With that team we realise real estate development in Ibiza, according to impecable Dutch standards.

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Ibiza Market Updates



Ibiza Estates Development is in it’s start-up phase. This means that there are currently many negotiations on the purchase of various plots, both with and without a building permit.

Of course there is plenty for sale, but we are now looking for that gem that makes all the difference in terms of location, but especially that gem where we can make the real difference in terms of design options.

We have currently started the construction of a large villa in Vista Alegre. We are working on the first draught of a luxury villa in Talamanca and we are in the final phase regarding a purchase of a lot in Roca Llisa, on which we will report soon.

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