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Ibiza EstatesDevelopment

Dutch standards

We believe that real estate development requires quality, clear communication and transparent, fair pricing. We are completely accustomed to these core values ​​in The Netherlands, however this is not always the case when purchasing in Ibiza.

Ibiza Estates Development operates in Ibiza according to Dutch standards. We understand that you are looking for a developer who understands your needs, unburdens you and is able to achieve what you alone or together with other parties might not be able to achieve in Ibiza.

  • With passion and enthousiasme
  • Creativity and excellence
  • No-nonsense open and direct
  • International also in Dutch
  • Offices in The Netherlands and Ibiza

Real Estate Development with excellenct attention to detail

As part of Ibiza’s renowned real estate agents Ibiza Estates we possess a broad network and a portfolio of unique affordable lots on the island. This is how we work:

Part of athe team

At IED, we do the important preparatory work, such as finding the lots and applying for the building permits. Together with you, we then work on the preliminary design to ensure that it completely suites your wishes. During the 1.5-year permit period, you will have every opportunity to adjust the design according to your taste and preferences.

Contractor, Planningand Finance

We establish contacts with local contractors and subcontractors, draw up the building schedule and undertake all financial agreements. Thanks to our deep-rooted and intricate network in Ibiza, you can rely on our Dutch standard of quality, clarity and progress.

Building withassurance

With our method you can build with assurance. We offer full guidance, right up to the completion of the house. This can be done on a turn-key basis or with, for example, a purchase/contracting construction In addition to a number of other advantages, this prevents you from having to pay expensive construction interest during the building process.

Real Estate Developmentby Dutch standards

Ibiza Estates Development is a team van Nederlandse specialisten in Ibiza. We combine years of experience in large-scale luxury project development and local knowledge of the real estate market in Ibiza, with strong entrepreneurship and a watertight legal structure. The result is a team that knows what it takes to realise your dream property on the island.

Would you like to know more about who we are or contact us? Call us on +34 871 183 071, send us an email to info@ibiza-estatesdevelopment.com or use the online contac tform. We will be delighted to contact you shortly.