From the moment he first set foot on Ibiza in 1997, he knew: this was where he wanted to build his future. – His company Ibiza Estates has since developed into the renowned and trusted real estate agency it is today and he continues to maintaine an expert real estate network on the island.

Focus on purchase guidance and after-sales service

Soon after his first visit, inspired by the idea of purchasing his own holiday home there, – he was surprised by the inadequate real estate practises he encountered on the island. Already a succesful serial entrepreneur, he seized the opportunity and decided simply to do better himself.

With Ibiza Estates he has since focused on two important aspects: exclusive purchase guidance and excellent after-sales service. With these characteristics, he responds precisely to the needs of both his Dutch and International buyers. This approach helped him to grow his real estate agency to a one-stop-shop for a large clientele whose interest in Ibiza and other islands is to rent or purchase exclusive property.

Entrepreneurship equals reliability

Asks Francois and you will of course hear him say that entrepreneurship entails being able to see an opportunities as it arises and taking the steps and measures needed to put them into action. This is a common view of many a successful entrepreneur. However, that’s not all.“It is just as important to be a reliable partner, to honour your commitments, to come through, not give up and moreover, to be honest,” he once told an interview for Masters Expo. This seems to be the key to his success, for which he has become known to everyone who is anyone in real estate in Ibiza.

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